Clear Lotus Publishing - Publishing Services For Independent Authors

Our breakthrough process lets you have your book published quickly, affordably, effectively and available worldwide. No matter who you are – an experienced author or a beginner – publishing is a challenging experience. Regardless of technological advancement for example POD (print on demand) and online book-retailing, the challenges can be daunting for those who choose to self-publish.

Self publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. Our dedicated and experienced group of publishing professionals will give you all the help you require to not only get your book into print, but also secure the best chance of success.

As your publishing group, we’re here for you to meet your needs and advise you on the best path to choose from for each part of your publishing experience. Our editorial, design, distribution, and marketing experts are dedicated to help you realize your dreams.

A vast majority of self-publishing services (mainly the big POD self-publishing services) operate on volume – their focus is on signing up as many authors as they can, and then getting them through the publishing process as quickly as possible.

The authors who choose to publish with these companies have little actual control over the production process of their book. They experience a poor customer service and – worst of all – they get a book which falls way below the author’s expectations and industry standards.

Clear Lotus is different. Our business model is solely based on customer satisfaction, returning authors, book sales, and client referrals. We want your book and your overall publishing experience to exceed your expectations so that you become a repeat customer and of course you tell other writers about us. That’s why we’ve designed our services to help you achieve your unique publishing goals.

Clear Lotus provides exceptional distribution for your book, designs an attractive cover, custom designs your book layout, provides highly personalized services and lets you keep the rights to your book.